Go! Ultrasonic Mesh Nebulizer

Go! Nebulizer uses latest ultrasonic technology to turn liquid medication into a mist and deliver efficiently to the lungs through inhalation therapy.

Just $109.95 $49.95

Easy To Use

Simply pour your medicine into the nebulizer's cup, install the suitable mask type, and power on Go! nebulizer.

Portable Design

Get relief from breathing issues anytime, anywhere without worrying about tubing or finding a power source.

Two Powerful Modes

Satisfy your custom nebulization demands by switching between two powerful modes instantly.

Smart Shut Off

Go! Nebulizer uses smart technology to save energy by automatically powering off the device when not in use.

Suitable for All Ages

Go! Nebulizer is suitable for people of all ages. In the box, we provide an adult mask, a child mask, and a mouthpiece to ensure everyone can use our premium ultrasonic nebulizer with ease.

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Go! Nebulizer

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$109.95 $49.95

What Customers Say

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I definitely prefer to use this nebulizer as it’s quiet and doesn’t have tubing. Very happy with it! Highly recommend the Go! Nebulizer.


My dogs are definitely happy I’ve stopped using my regular nebulizer and switched to this quiet one! They were always scared of the old jet neb.


As someone that has COPD, I’m always worried about being able to access a breathing treatment when i need it. The Go! Nebulizer is so portable that I can carry it in my purse.